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By | June 10, 2023
Narendra Modi Essay

Narendra Modi is a name that needs no introduction.  From being a tea seller to becoming one of India’s most powerful leaders, Mr. Modi’s journey has been remarkable and inspiring.  In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Narendra Modi- his life story, political career, achievements and more. So here we start with Narendra Modi Essay- short and long.

 Description of our Prime Minister

  • Name: Mr Narender Modi
  • Qualities of a true leader: Honest, hard-working. humble
  • Different from another leader: No desire of name, fame
  • Mission: Service to the nation
  • The expectation from him: To take the country to greater heights

Ans.                                              Our Prime Minister Mr Narender Modi

Mr Narender Modi is my favourite leader. He is the Prime Minister of India. He has all the true qualities of a true leader. He is honest and a hardworking lie is very humble. His simplicity connotes him. There is no trace of any pride in him. He is very different from other political leaders. the lie has no desire for any name, fame or riches. He is faultless and blotless Personality. Service to the nation is the only mission of his life. All the Indians hold hint in high esteem and expect that he will take the country to greater heights.

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Narendra Modi Essay in Short- 100 Words

Narendra Modi, the 14th, and current Prime Minister of India is a dynamic leader. He has taken India by storm with his transformative policies. He has very innovative ideas. He has implemented many economic reforms to promote sustainable development. He has taken many significant steps in shaping India’s future. He has seen many ups and downs in his life. Once he was a humble tea-seller and now he is one of the most influential leaders in the world today. He has also served as Chief Minister of Gujarat for over a decade before being elected Prime Minister of India. His leadership style has been described as dynamic yet controversial with some lauding his policies while others criticize them.

 Our Prime Minister Mr Narender Modi
Narendra Modi Essay: A Visionary Leader | Short and Long |100, 150, 200, 300 & 400 + Words 6

Descriptive Paragraph on Einstein- 150 Words

Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, is one of the most influential leaders in Indian politics. He has struggled hard in his life. Born into a humble family in Gujarat, Modi’s journey to the top was not without its challenges.
Known for his charismatic leadership style and dynamic personality, Narendra Modi has been able to win over millions of fans both within India and abroad. His commitment to improving education opportunities for all children across India is an example of his strong social conscience.
He has taken bold steps towards economic reforms. He has helped transform India into one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Many world leaders look up to him for visionary advice. India is gaining progress and prosperity under his leadership. Whether it be through initiatives like “Make in India” or by investing heavily in infrastructure development projects such as highways and railways; Narendra Modi continues to work tirelessly towards creating a better future for all Indians irrespective of their caste or creed.

Essay for Narendra Modi – 200 Words

Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister needs no introduction. Born in Vadnagar, Gujarat, in 1950, Modi has come a long way to become one of the most influential figures not only in Indian politics but also on the global stage.
He started his political career as an RSS pracharak and gradually rose through the ranks to become Chief Minister of Gujarat for three consecutive terms from 2001 to 2014. After that he was elected as India’s Prime Minister in May 2014 and re-elected with a thumping majority five years later.
Known for his charismatic personality and powerful oratory skills, Narendra Modi has been instrumental in shaping India’s policies towards economic development, foreign relations, security issues and social welfare initiatives. His vision of building a “New India” based on innovation, youth empowerment and digital revolution has gained immense support among both domestic and international audiences alike.
With his unwavering commitment to serve the nation and make it a superpower by 2030 under his leadership as articulated recently at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). He remains one of the most respected leaders across continents today.
His efforts have undoubtedly made a positive impact on people’s lives and will continue to do so for years to come.

Essay for Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi Essay: A Visionary Leader | Short and Long |100, 150, 200, 300 & 400 + Words 7

Essay on Narendra Modi- 300 Words

A world leader Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, is an enigmatic personality. He has carved his path to success through sheer hard work and dedication. Narendra Modi’s early life was marked by poverty and struggle. However, he never let his circumstances define him and pursued higher education while working as a tea seller.
Over the years, Narendra Modi rose through the ranks of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) due to his relentless campaigning and organizational skills.
As Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has brought about several transformative changes that have put India on the global map. His flagship schemes such as Make in India, Digital India and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan have received widespread praise for their impact on job creation, digital literacy, and sanitation respectively.
Additionally, he has also taken bold steps towards strengthening India’s foreign policy by engaging with world leaders like Donald Trump of USA., Vladimir Putin of Russia among others.
Despite facing criticism for certain policies such as demonetization and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), his charismatic leadership style sets him apart. He possesses strong communication skills that enable him to connect with people from all walks of life, regardless of age. Young or old, Modi’s ability to engage with individuals across different sections of society is a key factor in his popularity.
In conclusion Narendra Modi has achieved remarkable success in his political career. He is a leader that India can be proud of and one who actively works towards the betterment of the nation. His ability to speak clearly and thoughtfully to large crowds, as well as his engaging personality have allowed him to make a lasting impression on many people throughout the world. His commitment to work hard for the betterment of India is something that will continue to inspire generations to come.
He is one of the most inspirational figures in modern India and his legacy of hard work, dedication, and commitment are true inspirations for many. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that Narendra Modi is indeed a great leader who has been instrumental in bringing about so much change in India – both politically as well as economically.

Narendra Modi 10 Lines in English

1.Narendra Modi began his political journey as an RSS worker and joined the BJP in 1987.
2.He served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014, winning four consecutive terms.
3.During his tenure as Chief Minister, he introduced development reforms in Gujarat, such as organizing the Vibrant Gujarat Summit to attract foreign investments.
4.In May 2014, he achieved a historic victory in the elections and became the Prime Minister of India.
5.As Prime Minister, he launched initiatives like the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to promote cleanliness and the Make In India campaign to boost the manufacturing industry.
6.Under his leadership, India experienced significant economic growth through policies like demonetization and the implementation of GST.
7.He initiated schemes like Ayushman Bharat Yojana to provide affordable healthcare access and Jan Dhan Yojana to promote financial inclusion among underprivileged households.
8.As a global leader, he represented India in international forums like G20 summits and the United Nations General Assembly meetings.
9.Recently, under his leadership, the Indian government implemented various measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, including nationwide vaccination drives.
10.His dynamic personality serves as an inspiration to millions of people worldwide.

Narendra Modi Essay in English
Narendra Modi Essay: A Visionary Leader | Short and Long |100, 150, 200, 300 & 400 + Words 8

Narendra Modi Essay in English 500 + Words

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is one of the most charismatic and influential leaders in the world. His dedication to serving his country and improving the lives of its citizens has earned him widespread admiration and respect. From humble beginnings as a tea seller to becoming the leader of the world’s largest democracy, Modi has an incredible story that serves as an inspiration to millions. In this article, we will take a closer look at who Narendra Modi is, his background, education, and history leading up to becoming India’s Prime Minister. So grab a cup of chai and let’s delve into this fascinating journey!

Who is Narendra Modi?

Narendra Modi is the current Prime Minister of India, serving since 2014. Born on September 17th, 1950 in Vadnagar, a small town in Gujarat state of India, Modi was the third of six children to his parents. He grew up helping his family sell tea at local train station.
Modi completed his schooling from Vadnagar and later earned a degree in Political Science from Delhi University. In his early career, he served as a member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), an Indian right-wing nationalist organization.
In 2001, Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat and held that position until 2014 when he was elected as India’s Prime Minister. During his tenure as Gujarat’s chief minister, he implemented various reforms to improve infrastructure development and boost economic growth.
Modi is known for promoting several initiatives including Make in India campaign aimed at boosting manufacturing in India and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan focused on improving sanitation across the country. Apart from politics, he has written several books including Jyotipunj which features biographical sketches of sixteen inspiring personalities.
Today Narendra Modi stands out as one of the most influential political leaders globally with more than four decades dedicated to public service under his belt.
It can be said that Narendra Modi’s vision is focused towards making a better future for every citizen by bringing reforms through innovative approach.

Narendra Modi Age

Narendra Modi, the 14th Prime Minister of India, is a prominent political figure who has been serving in this role since May 2014. Born on September 17, 1950, he is currently 71 years old in (2023). This makes him one of the senior leaders among his contemporaries.
Modi’s age hasn’t slowed him down from making significant strides towards improving India’s economic and social development. He continues to inspire millions with his vision for a new India that is inclusive and progressive.

Narendra Modi Mother Name

Narendra Modi Mother Name
Narendra Modi Essay: A Visionary Leader | Short and Long |100, 150, 200, 300 & 400 + Words 9

Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, was born on September 17th, 1950 in Vadnagar, a small town in Gujarat. His mother’s name was Hiraben Modi.
Hiraben Modi is known to be a very simple and spiritual woman who had a deep influence on her son’s life. She used to work as a maid in other people’s homes to support their family financially. Despite living a humble life with limited resources, she always taught Narendra Modi the values of hard work and determination.
In an interview with The Indian Express, Narendra Modi once described his mother as his source of inspiration. He said that he learned about selflessness from her as she would often save money from her earnings to donate to those who were less fortunate than them.
Despite being illiterate herself, Hiraben encouraged her children to pursue education and instilled the importance of learning in them at an early age. Her teachings played an instrumental role in shaping Narendra Modi into the man he is today.
Hiraben Modi may have led a simple life but her strong character and unwavering dedication towards her family left an indelible mark on Narendra Modi’s personality which has helped him become one of the most respected leaders not only within India but across the world too.

Narendra Modi Father Name

Narendra Modi’s father was a simple man who worked as a tea seller. His name was Damodardas Mulchand Modi, and he belonged to the Modh Ghanchi community. This community is known for its expertise in making oil press machines.
Modi’s father played an essential role in shaping his life and career. Even though he didn’t have much formal education, he was a firm believer of the value of education. He always encouraged his children to study hard and pursue their dreams.
Despite facing financial difficulties, Modi’s father managed to provide him with good quality education. He also taught him valuable life lessons such as honesty, simplicity, and hard work.
Modi has often spoken about his admiration for his late father. In one of his speeches, he said that every decision he makes is guided by the ideals that his father instilled in him.
Narendra Modi’s father may have been an ordinary man but had extraordinary values that shaped the Prime Minister into the leader that he is today.

Narendra Modi Education

Narendra Modi’s education is an interesting topic to explore. He studied at Vadnagar in Gujarat, where he was born and raised. Modi completed his higher secondary education in Vadnagar itself.
After completing his schooling, Narendra Modi went on to attend the University of Delhi, where he received a bachelor’s degree in political science. During this time, he also participated actively in the student union politics and rose through the ranks quickly.
Modi then pursued a Master’s degree from Gujarat University and continued his involvement with political activities. It was during this period that he joined Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which would later shape his political ideology.
While studying for a master’s degree in political science at Gujarat University, Modi developed an interest in theater and became involved with various theatre groups across Ahmedabad.
Despite not having any formal training or experience as an actor or director, Narendra Modi wrote plays and directed them himself – proving yet again that there are no limits when it comes to one’s passion and determination towards achieving their goals.
Narendra Modi’s educational journey has been full of twists and turns but has undoubtedly shaped him into the leader he is today.


Narendra Modi is a prominent politician in Indian history. He has achieved many milestones in his political career and remains one of the most popular leaders in India today. From humble beginnings to leading the nation as its Prime Minister, Modi’s journey serves as an inspiration for many.
Through this article, we have learned about his early life, education, family background and political career. We also explored ten interesting facts about him that highlight his leadership qualities and achievements.
As Indians continue to look up to their leader for guidance and direction amidst challenging times, Narendra Modi remains committed towards serving the people of India with dedication and passion. His vision for development and progress will shape not only the future of India but also influence global events.
It can be said that Narendra Modi’s story is one that inspires hope and determination among millions of Indians across all walks of life.