CBSE Class 8 Email Writing Examples & Topics No. – 3

By | March 27, 2020

Professional and convincing E- Mail writing is an art. In order to help you with that we are providing examples of email writing in English. We are providing sample email writing. Read these email writing topics and take email writing test to learn to compose professional emails.

You are Anita. You recently attended a seminar on ‘Effective Listening Skills’ and found it to be of great value. Write an email to your friend, Anita, in 120-150 words, giving details of the seminar and sharing what you learnt in the seminar. You can use the points given below:

♦ Venue and participants

♦ Listening is as important as speaking

♦ Listening — a tool in good communication

♦ Builds concentration

 ♦ Important for a student


From: [email protected]

To: Anita

Date: 7th March, 2014

 Subject: Seminar on ‘Effective Listening Skills’

Dear Anita,

I hope this e-mail finds you in good health. I recently attended a seminar on ‘Effective Listening Skills’ and wanted to share my experience with you.

The seminar was organized by our school last Thursday. It was a wonderful experience. All students of classes IX and X participated in the seminar. The seminar emphasized the importance of listening in a student’s life.

We are all so busy nowadays that we seldom have time to listen to others. This seminar made me realize that listening is as important as speaking. Listening is indispensable to communication. We can only respond when we listen carefully. It improves our concentration and our power of retention. It is an invaluable skill for everyone.

 I will let you know more about the seminar once I meet you. Knowing you. I am sure you would have enjoyed the seminar as much as I did.

Take care and give my regards to your parents.



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