3.Class 11 & 12 Best Debate Writing Topic : “The Internet cannot replace a classroom teacher”

“The Internet cannot replace a classroom teacher”. Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.



Good morning honourable judges, worthy audience and dear friends.

 Classrooms are the most influential spaces that exist in the world today. These leave a long-lasting impact on the minds of individuals. As we move in a more globalized and technologically oriented world, the dilemmas of morality, ethics and life are fast increasing and no Internet can even answer these questions. Thus the topic that “Internet can’t replace a classroom teacher” has come at the highest time and I stand in favour of it.

The Internet or the virtual media can never answer the vastness and depth of questions that exist in the minds of the students. The Internet may give them information but it can’t teach them morality or clear their dilemmas of life.

The bond between a teacher and a student is a human bond. It is a human connect which a computer can’t replace. The relationship between a teacher and a student is not just restricted to a classroom.

 A teacher is a person who is able to have a lifelong impact on the students. The teacher can scold, guide and understand a child’s emotions as he/she is growing up. This can’t be done by any virtual medium or by the Internet.

 The essence of learning is to make individuals capable enough to be able to cope with anger, anxiety, failure and success. The aim of education is to create responsible citizens which the Internet cannot do. It is only a teacher who takes full responsibility for nurturing the child.

The world today may have found its own “Google God” but the “Guru-Shishya” relationship can’t be replaced as the Internet cannot replace a classroom teacher.

 Thank you


 Good morning honourable judges, worthy audience and dear friends.

 In today’s fast moving world, where technology has taken over our lives in all ways possible, the modern-day teacher is the Internet and not the person teaching in the classroom. The view that `Internet can’t replace a classroom teacher’ is a thing of the past and has no scope today. Thus, I speak against the motion.

 In today’s classroom, the students are much more aware of the world and life than the teacher is. The students have answers to all questions even before a teacher can answer them because all the answers today can be answered by the modern-day teacher, the Internet.

 The Internet serves not just as a teacher but as an entire library in itself. There is no question in the world which the Internet cannot answer. The Internet has already replaced the classroom teacher as learning today is not dependent on the teacher. Thus, the Internet has completely revolutionized the education system.

The decline in a number of teachers and the lack of willingness amongst people to become a teacher has paved the way for the Internet to become the new teacher. The quality of teachers today and their consistency is the main cause for the suffering of the education system but with the Internet, as the new teacher, there is no problem of quality and consistency.

On the one hand, where students had to wait for the teachers to solve their doubts, now they can get their questions answered just by the click of a mouse. Their teacher is in their hands and always ready to solve their problems. The Internet is not just limited to the classroom like a teacher but it opens the world to students and allows them to learn.

Thank you

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