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By | July 5, 2019

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Kalpana Chawla: Shinning Star of the Galaxy

All along the ages, it has been a male-dominated world: Woman was reduced to be just an appendage to man. She was condemned o lead the life of a slave within the four walls of the family.

However, the scenario is changing very fast. The Constitution of free India safeguards woman’s rights by putting her at par with man socially, politically and economically. Universal education has given her new confidence. She has come out of her four walls. She has proved that she can equal man in all walk of life. More and more women are coming forward to wrest the levers of power from men and challenging the self-claimed superiority of men. Nowadays, women have proved to be better doctors, artists, engineers, astronauts etc.

In India, we had great women leader and women of another profession. However, above all is Kalpana Chawla, a bold lady of India, who took up the most crucial and brave job of becoming an astronaut.

Kalpana Chawla was born in Haryana. From her very childhood, she was good at studies and a talented girl. In our childhood, we think of playing with toys and other things but Kalpana, in her childhood, would only watch stars in the sky. She always thought of reaching the stars. After passing her graduation, Kalpana took an interest in astronautics. She cleared all her courses in this department and went to the USA for higher studies in this department. She was very studious and capable. For her excellence, she was selected by NASA. From that time, there was no coming back for Kalpana. She cleared her training and was selected to travel to space.

 Kalpana’s childhood ambition was fulfilled and she went to space with some other astronauts in the spaceship called `Colombus’. Everything was going fine. The astronauts stayed in space for something, gathered various information about space and were making their return journey to the earth.

But alas, everything was finished. The spaceship burst into flames when entering the earth’s atmosphere. An ambitious and brave lady, Kalpana, was no more alive. Her aim to visit India could not be fulfilled. However, we still remember this brave lady and we can visualise her as shinning in the sky.

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