27.English Essay Example on : Fashion

By | July 25, 2018

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Fashion is a word that defies exact definition. Here, we need not vex ourselves with the dictionary meanings of the word, since even if °DIY partly understood, the word is as commonly used as it can be.

We can call anything which gets recurrent or in frequent use to be fashion. When armed with such a definition, we can term frequent lies told by politicians, short measures given by shopkeepers, cheating methods adopted by students, strikes resorted to by employees, cheating of workers in the matter of salary, provident fund, etc. by their employers and all such things as fashions.

When, however, we talk strictly about fashion, we rivet our eyes on particular types of clothes, shoes, hairstyles, etc. adopted by people, particularly young men and women in schools and colleges.

Man has actually been fond of fashion in all ages and in all lands. Go any wherein the world. In each country people observing the same type of fashion will be seen which will, however, be materially different from that in other countries. Thus, fashion changes in time and place, and may be even space.

If we look carefully at the playing cards, we’ll find strange dresses worn by the kings, queens and jacks. These dresses are reminiscent of the eighteenth century English people who wore such dresses during that period when the games of cards started in a systematic manner.

Similarly, from the toys and figures recovered from ruins of various ancient civilizations as in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, the fashions of dress, beards etc. are quite apparent.

If we want to learn about the latest fashions we should go to some ultramodern college or university to have a look at dandies, fops and empty-headed gorgeous dolls walking up and down in the campus and then we can guess how youthful human energies can be wasted on trifles and to what extent.

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