25.English Essay Example on : Central Reserve Police Force Or CRPF

By | July 25, 2018

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Central Reserve Police Force



 Before Independence, the CRPF was known as the Crown, Representative Police. It was created at Née much on 27th July, 1939.

Ten CRPF jawans sacrificed their lives at Hot Springs on 21st October 1959 during the Chinese aggression. Since then 21st October is observed as Police Commemoration Day throughout the country.

The Force proved its mettle during the Indo-Pak wars of 1965 and 1971. Earlier, on 9th April 1965, it repulsed a Pakistani attack on the Gujarat border, killing 34 Pakistani soldiers. Since then, 9th April is observed as ‘Day of Velour’ in the Force.

The Force has done its duty excellently on several occasions such as a part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPICF) in Sri Lanka during Rajiv Gandhi’s Prime Ministership, in Haiti, Cambodia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, etc as a part of UN Peace Keeping Mission.

Its one particular moment of velour, adherence to duty and national pride carne when the Force valiantly fought and foiled the terrorist attack on Indian Parliament on December 13, 2001. In this operation, one Mahila Constable of the Force sacrificed her life while doing her duty.

The Force has commendable job in fighting the terrorists more than four thousand of whom have been killed and about 45,000 captured In about seven thousand encounters in which over one thousand jawans of the Force have also sacrificed their lives at the call of duty.

The Force has got several Awards including 1 George Cross Ashok Chakra, 1 Ashok Chakra, 4 Shaurya Chakra, etc. and several police Medals as well as President’s Police Medal.

 The Force has done commendable job in establishing peace in riot-hit areas as in Punjab during the 1980’s and is now busy in confidence building measures (CBM) in J & K and North-Eastern States.

The Force has also shown spectacular achievements in National and International Games and won thousands of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and even 8  Arjuna and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Rattan Awards.

Now the Force is undergoing a major expansion programme to perform its duty towards the nation even more perfectly in view of the rising demands on it because of the contemporary necessities.

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