22.English Essay Example on : Advertising Or Commercial Advertising

By | July 25, 2018

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Commercial Advertising

 We live in a world where advertising is everything. When we are watching any ‘IV serial, we are disturbed again and again by advertisements of various products and brands such that sometimes we feel bored and even chagrined.

Open the page of any newspaper or magazine. You will find advertisements galore on almost every page as if we had purchased the said newspaper or magazine only for these advertisements.

 In the newspapers we get advertisements of varied type. There we have matrimonial advertisements demanding bridegrooms and brides having particular features and qualities.

In the educational advertisements we learn about various courses and the names of institutions and universities where we can get them. There are several government advertisements in which a particular policy or project of the government is highlighted.

In commercial advertisements mostly inserted by different companies on the TV or in newspapers and magazines, we learn about the qualities of different brands of articles in interesting ways. Some advertisements are just visual. Others combine something visual with some catchy slogan. Many a time, some famous actor or actress or singer or sports personality is roped in to cash on his or her popularity. Thus, we have well-known advertisements for various brands by Sachin, Amir Khan, Salman Khan, Kapil Dev, Shah Rukh Khan, Daler Mehandi, etc.

Some advertisements are quite interesting. Others are disgusting and at times even atrocious. The most hate-able advertisements are those where gender bias is displayed or where scantily clad women are brought to focus. Advertisements must be healthy, meaningful and intelligent. They should be prepared with due care and censored by, the authorities.

In fact, advertising is a sophisticated and intelligent art and it must be recognized as such.

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