20.English Essay Example on : The Annual Sports Day

By | July 25, 2018

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The Annual Sports Day

The Annual Sports day in our school was held last Monday. It was held in the school playground. A pandal was set up for the guests, including the chief guest to sit in the shade.

The whole school ground was tastefully decorated with flags, bunting and balloons.

Mrs. Sudesh Kumari, the Hon’ble Minister of Spores, was the chief guest she arrived at 10 a.m. sharp, the scheduled time. She was received at the gate by the school reception committee comprising the Principal, the Vice-Principal, the Secretary, Managing Committee some senior teachers and the student representatives besides the director, physical education. She was garlanded and snaps were taken.

First started the march past. The sports flame was lighted by Mr pradeep Kumar, the best athlete of the school. The events started immediately thereafter.

First started the athletic races. These included a hundred meter race, a two hundred meter race, a five hundred meter race and finally a two thousand meter race. I took part in the two hundred meter race and won the second prize.

My friend, Sucheta took part in the cycle race and won the first prize. Several students took part in the sack race, hurdle race, discus throw, shot putt, hammer throw, long jump, etc. The teachers acted as judges.

In the end, the Director Physical Education read out the achievements of the school in the field of sports during the year. Then the Principal and the President Managing Committee made short speeches.

The chief guest gave away the prizes. In her speeches, she appreciated the achievements of the school in the field of sports during the year.

She wished that all the students should take part in sports.

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