2.Speech Writing: ‘Value of Sports and Games in Life’

By | April 6, 2020

Writing speech in English is a difficult task. You must be thinking how to start a speech of introduction or so. We are here with speech writing format and speech examples read these speech examples which could be used as topics for speech in school assembly. Use it as morning assembly speech or consider them as general topics for speechin English but they are very useful. These are specially assembly topics for class 8. Read these short speeches and be ready for morning assembly topics

Playing games is the best source of entertainment. It involves physical exercise and skill with an Individual or a team in the form of sheer amusement and competition. It develops us physically, mentally and socially too. The below-given visual highlights the various outdoor games which inculcate the sense of camaraderie and leadership. Taking help from the visual and ideas from the unit Health and Medicine, together with your own ideas, write a speech in about 120 words on ‘Value of Sports and Games in Life’ to be delivered in the morning assembly of your school.

Answer                                                                          ‘Value of Sports and Games in Life’

 Good Morning Everyone!

 Honourable Principal, Worthy Teaching Fraternity and My dear Friends. I stand here in the morning congregation to highlight the importance of sports and games in life.

Dear friends, sports and games are an inevitable part of our life. They make us active, fit, agile and smart. Another value of sports and games is that they are an excellent recreation. Our daily work is a great strain on our energies. We are tired and exhausted by work. A game of football or a series of exercises in the gymnasium takes our mind away from the drudgery of work.

The sports and games give fresh energy to our limbs and also make us forget our cares. These bring before us a new world of competition and struggle, and when they are over, we feel refreshed.

Sports and games teach us coolness, courage and self-control. The most valuable effect of sports is the cultivation of team-spirit, a sense of comradeship. All manly exercises, if taken in proper measure, keep us physically fit, and we can have a sound mind if only we have a sound body. A person who has not a sound body becomes nervous and irritable. He quarrels with others and cannot attend to anything for a long time. He can not look at life in a calm and quiet way but takes a sour view of life.

So, friends sports play a significant role in giving us a complete education. So we should all take part in games wholeheartedly.


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