2.Speech Writing Sample and Example (HOW TO WRITE WELCOME SPEECH)

By | May 9, 2018

This page tells you to answer how to write a good speech. We have several examples of creative speech writing, speech topics and we shall tell you what persuasive speech format is. This will be a great writing help and enable you to write several speeches like welcome speech

1.Intro & Welcome

Excellencies, Distinguished Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen,……..A very good evening to one and all gathered here. 
It gives me a great pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome on behalf  ___ School Name _____ Family and to say how grateful we are to ___ Name of Chief Guest who has accepted our invitation to convene this Function Name on the Occasion, here at ____ School Name____.

Profile of the invited guest and intro of the VIPs
It is an opportune time to renew contacts and discuss mutual interest with delegates from —(different schools)——-It is gratifying to note that the agenda of the Seminar covers a wide range of very interesting items relating to the ————————————————

2.Bouquet Presentation

“We asked god for a flower and god gave us a whole bouquet. We asked god for a day and god gave us a whole day. We asked god for a true love and God gave us that too. We asked god for an angel and God gave us you.”

To make this occasion happier, I would be glad to request Mr. / Ms.———to welcome our Chief Guest Mr. / Ms.——— By presenting Bouquet to her as a token of love and respect.

3.Invocation Ceremony

To begin the auspicious occasion May I please invite school choir to invoke the Almighty, A few words about the performance

Anchor-1: Without taking much of your time, permit us to start the programme. ________ do you feel some turbulence around here ?

Anchor-2:  Yes, I do – the heart beats have gone up – and everyone is eager to sink into the depth of music, song, lights and joy. Well, here you are.  Today, we will  have rainbow of cultural programmes prepared under the able stewardship of our teachers.

First, there will

Ladies andGentlemen, may I request all of you to please give a thunder round of applause for theinvocation………….

4.Welcome Address

Already covered


5.Result Announcement

you will yourself discover as the colors of today’s result announcement.

Anchor 2: So, Here we are. All together…as a family to mark another landmark of success in the history of the place where we have seen beyond imagination… May I please request ….. To announce Results for the day

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