2.Letter to the Editor Regarding : Wastage of Food in Indian Weddings.

By | December 7, 2020
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Letter to the editor is a formal document. In CBSE it is a question to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper. It is asked in Class 8 to Class 12. Considering this we are providing a letter to the editor topics to help you to practice, letter to the editor format CBSE class 9 to help you obtain good marks, letter to the editor example for students of class 9 & 10 which is a beginning and letter to the editor on Wastage of Food in Indian Weddings. These can be additionally used for a letter to the editor newspaper. So let’s dive in-

With the help of the inputs given below, write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper on the colossal wastage of food in lavish Indian weddings.

♦ Indians spend life’s saving on weddings.
♦ Wedding market in India is approximately I, 50.000 crores per year.
♦ India also hosts one of the biggest armies of starving people in the world.
♦ No wastage is more condemnable than wastage of food.
♦ The responsibility of the guests to limit the size of the servings according to their appetite.
♦ Take the spoonful of each to taste and decide, instead of filling the plate with every dish.


123, Chocolate Road, Newland


21st May,  2014


The Editor

The Pioneer

Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg.

New Delhi-20



Subject: Colossal wastage of food in lavish Indian weddings.


Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities and common masses towards Colossal wastage of food in lavish Indian weddings. We all talk of changing our country for betterment but how little do we do in this regard. Out of so many things that go unnoticed in our dear country, here is one issue that I wish to chalk out. it is strange how Indians spend life’s savings at their weddings.

The wedding market in India is flourishing, with approximately I.50, 000  crores per year. The shocking pan is that all this wastage is happening when our own country. India. is a host of the biggest armies of starving people in the world. Such wastage should be censured and people should be educated against wastage of food in such a manner. In social functions and gatherings, guests should not squander food by piling up their plates excessively. The size of the servings should be limited according to the appetite. Besides, the hosts should also respond by giving the caterers the exact number of guests to arrive so that the food is cooked accordingly and there is no wastage.

 I cannot help but point out how people do not even bother to use ‘R.S.V.P.’. Which means “please respond”, a French phrase, to confirm their visit on being invited? Thus, the host, not sure of the number of guests to arrive, prepares food in abundance leading to inevitable wastage. Indian marriages are not just famous for their traditions and customs but also because of their grand fiestas. I hope that the new generation understands the gravity of the situation and abandons old fashions and deals with such issues practically.

Thanking you

 Yours sincerely,

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