2.English Essay Example on : A Dust-Storm

By | July 24, 2018

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A Dust-Storm

It is said that dust storms are very common in deserts, particularly during the summer season. But I had a taste of it in my own town last Monday.
I was going on my bicycle to the market. It was afternoon. The day had been quite hot since morning. It was just by chance that I looked towards the sky, especially because the sun’s light had suddenly grown dim.
The weather had been stuffy for so many hours. But I was surprised to find a sudden gush of wind making the cycle-riding difficult for me and to move forward. But determined as I was to go to the market, I continued my efforts.
 I couldn’t realize then that the worst was yet to come. And it came sooner rather than later. In short, a violent storm overtook me and virtually reversed my march forward. I realized as if some force was compelling me to move backwards.
As if this was not enough, I was soon engulfed in violent cylindrical whirlwind. I felt as if I was going to be carried away by the cruel wind. To cap it all, a shower of dust fell on me and it was a few minutes later that I was able to see my entire body and all my clothes well pasted or showered with fine particles of dust. For the time being, I only felt that my eyes had been blinded with dust and I could see nothing.

I heard loud noise of the roaring wind as well as several hoardings and other articles being carried away by the wind.
Not much later, the storm was over. The atmosphere had cleared and cool fresh wind began to blow. I did not find the compensation from Nature inadequate and felt satisfied despite all the inconvenience I had experienced.

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