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18. Application to the School Principal for : Improvement in School Library


Write a letter to the Principal of your school, requesting to bring about some improvements in the school library.

Ans:-24/D, Hudson Lanes

New Delhi

2nd May, 20XX

The Principal

St Marks School

Rohini, New Delhi

Subject Improvement in School Library


 As the president of the Student Council, I would like to bring to your attention, the unsatisfactory condition of the school library.

It is really a matter of great distress that, the bookshelves are covered with dust and the books are also in a very bad condition. Most of the books which are required by us, are either unavailable or have very few copies, insufficient for us. Even the textbooks are not available, thus depriving economically weaker students of getting assistance. Sufficient seating and proper reading facilities are also absent.

We have brought the matter to the attention of the librarian to the above problems, but nothing has been done so far. We request you to look into the matter and take the necessary steps to make the library useful for us.

Yours obediently

Meera Chauhan

(President, Student Council)

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