17. Reading Skills Comprehension: Religion

By | June 18, 2019

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 Religion is the greatest instrument for so raising us. It is amazing that a person not intellectually bright, perhaps not even educated, is capable of grasping and living by something so advanced as the principles of Christianity. Yet, there is a common phenomenon. It is not, however, in my province to talk about religion, but rather to stress the power which great literature and the great personalities whom we meet in it and in history have to open and enlarge over minds, and to show us what is the first rate in human personality and human character by showing us goodness and greatness.

 1. In the passage, the author’s ultimate intention is to talk about

(a) religion                   (b) history

(c) education               (d) character

 2. The phrase “so raising us” means

(a) giving us a sense of spiritual superiority

(b) making us feel that we are more important than we really are

 (c) improving our mental abilities

 (d) making us realize that we all are children of God

3. What surprises the author is that

 (a) even uneducated people are attracted to Christianity.

 (b) Christianity is practised by a large number of people.

(c) despite being difficult and complex, the principles of Christianity are practised by so many people.

(d) even very intelligent people cannot understand the principles of Christianity.

4. The author hesitates to talk about religion because

(a) he does not feel competent to talk about it.

(b) nobody around him likes to talk about it.

(c) he does not believe in any religion.

(d) he does not fully understand its importance.

 5. According to the author, we come across examples of greatness and nobility in

(a) great works of literature

(b) literary and historical works

(c) historical records

 (d) books on Christianity


1. (c)

2. (d)

3. (c)

 4. (a)

 5. (b)

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