150. Short Essay and Article on : ‘Declining Standard of Sports in India’

In almost all international competitions in sports, India has fared badly. What do you think is the reason behind it? And how do you think the standard of sports in India can be improved? Write an article for a newspaper on the ‘Declining Standard of Sports in India’.

Ans:-                            DECLINING STANDARD OF SPORTS IN INDIA

There are a number of causes for the declining standards of sports in India. The foremost of these is the official apathy and lack of facilities, for example, these days; international Hockey matches are played on astroturf. A player, in order to keep fit, has to practice every day. But in India, there are astroturf in only three or four big cities. Hockey players of other cities have to practice on natural turf and can’t get training of international standard. In China, gymnast girls are groomed from the tender age of nine or ten years. Their government assumes full responsibility for their diet, education, training and welfare. But in our country, sportsmen remain painfully neglected.

General fall of moral standards, widespread corruption, indiscipline, intrigues and official interference are some other obstacles in the growth of Indian sports. When the question of selecting a team comes, regional and political considerations outweigh the regard for talent. And it results in what happened at the Barcelona Olympics, the 1994 Sharjah Cup, the 1996 Wills World Cup and the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

 If we want to revive our sports, the government and the Sports Authority of India must make serious efforts. Politics should be kept away from sports. Proper facilities should be provided to the players and new talent should be encouraged. Only then can we bring our sports back to the days of glory.

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