4. Complaint Letter Regarding : Replacement of Inverter

Two months back you got an inverter installed at your house through M/s Jain Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Khan Market, New Delhi. The inverter is not working properly. You telephoned the dealer and he advised you to get it checked by a local electrician. The local technician has told you that the inverter has some manufacturing defect. Write a letter of complaint and ask the dealer to replace the inverter under the terms and conditions of the deal. You are Amit/Anita.

 Ans. 151, Partap Bagh


March 01, 2020

The Dealer

M/s Jain Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Khan Market

 New Delhi.

Subject: Replacement of inverter


This is with reference to the purchase of an inverter ‘Luminous’ from your showroom vide Cash Memo No. 012 dated February 10, 20xx. Initially, it gave excellent service but since last week it has started giving trouble. The instrument gets too hot and I fear it may catch fire and damage other electrical fittings.

It was installed to provide power to run two coolers and all lights and fans but it is not transmitting enough current to light even electric tubes and fans. I got the inverter checked by the local electrician as per your advice. The local electrician revealed a technical flaw in it. There is no way out except to replace it as per his recommendation.

The inverter is well within the guarantee period. Hence, you are requested to replace the set at the earliest. I am sending the photocopy of the Cash Memo. Please arrange a new set and send your technician to install it. The summer season has set in. Please get the work done as early as possible.

Yours sincerely,


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