9.Complaint Letter Regarding: Frequent Power Failures

By | July 27, 2023

Write a letter to the Chairman, North Delhi Power Limited complaining about frequent power failures in your area. You are the General Secretary, Saraswati Vihar Welfare Society, New Delhi.

Ans. Saraswati Vihar Welfare Society

 4, Saraswati Vihar New Delhi

 March 03, 2020

 The Chairman

 North Delhi Power Limited

 Under Hill Road, New Delhi.

Subject: Frequent power failures in Saraswati Vihar


This is to draw your kind attention to the frequent power failures in our area. The power supply in our area is erratic and we have to face frequent breakdowns. The supply gets snapped anytime plunging the entire area into darkness. After an hour or so, the power supply is restored and we heave a sigh of relief. But for how long! The supply stops once again. This hides and seeks continues until midnight.

These frequent breakdowns put us to great inconvenience. The students, senior citizens and the little kids suffer a lot. The people are deprived of a sound sleep. When they get up the next morning they feel lethargic, dull and inactive. So, their work suffers. Not only this, darkness activates anti-social elements and business also suffer. The concerned area officers pay little heed to our requests.

You are requested to look into the matter and take necessary steps to ensure regular power supply in our area.

Yours sincerely,

Radhey Shyam

 (General Secretary)

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