143. Short Essay and Article on: The Cruel Practice of Using Animals In Circus Shows

The other day you went with your friends to a Russian circus, famous for its extraordinary animal shows. Though you went there to enjoy yourself you returned home highly disturbed. You felt miserable at the cruel ways and methods used at the circus to make the animals perform antics and dangerous feats. You decide to write an article against the institution of the circus for publication in a newspaper. Write the article in not more than 200 words.                                                                 


The primary goal of any circus is to entertain and excite people of all ages. Performers in a circus display feats of physical skill, courage and talent. But nowadays most circuses have included animals also as performers. They keep most of these animals in cages and bring them out at the time of performance in the ring. The poor animals are deprived of their natural freedom and their sylvan habitat. To me, it appears to be the worst form of cruelty. Captivating wild animals and using them as a means of entertainment is a sin against the Creator who had created these animals to live a free life in the wild. And I don’t think there is any entertainment in watching an elephant drink soda from a bottle or a lion jump through a ring of fire. The poor animals don’t feel any pleasure or satisfaction while performing these acts. It is the ring master’s whip that makes them perform out of fear. The animals are starved and whipped mercilessly during the period of training, and it is this fear of whip which makes them dance to the tune of the ring master’s signal. This cruel practice needs to be stopped and no circus should be allowed to hold shows if it includes animals as performers.

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