138. Short Essay and Article on : My Dreams of the New Millennium

By | September 28, 2022

You are Arun Sharma. Your school has been invited to participate in an inter-school creative writing competition organized by the Lions Club in your area. Based on your past performance in such competitions you are again selected for the proposed competition. The organizers have given the topic to write about—My Dreams of the New Millennium. Write an article in about 150 words for the school magazine.

Ans.                             MY DREAMS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM

We want to excel in all the areas of life and the new millennium expects us to leave a better world. I too have dreams. My heartfelt desire is to be a human being in the real sense and spread the messages of love and brotherhood and ‘live and let live’. I would try my level best to better the world through service. I would become a medical practitioner and try to bring hope to the hopeless and give succour to the invalids. For that, I would open a clinic where the poor would be served free of cost. May God help me in my Endeavour! Amen.

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