131. Short Essay and Article on : Disaster Caused by Terrorism

Varshini read about the recent twin tower collapse due to terrorist activities in the United States of America. She decided to write an article for a local daily on the disaster caused by terrorism and the need to preserve peace. Write the article in about 200 words.                                                             

Ans:-                                       DISASTER CAUSED BY TERRORISM

Ever since the second half of the twentieth century, terrorism has been raising its ugly head more and more menacingly. The worst forms of it were experienced at the very beginning of the 21st century. On 11 September 2001, the twin towers of WTC in the USA were attacked resulting in more than 7000 casualties and a property loss of many thousand million dollars. And on 13 December of the same year, the barbaric attack on the Indian Parliament was made which luckily was thwarted by our brave jawans. These two attacks have served as an eye-opener for the world community. Now for the first time in history, almost all countries of the world have professed to fight terrorism jointly. Now it has become clear to all that no country or community is safe from terrorism. A terrorist doesn’t belong to any country or religion. He has no religion and no nationality. He is simply a blood-thirsty fanatic who wants to gain his ends through force and violence. And in a civilized world, there can be no room for such barbarism. It is high time that all the countries of the world take a united stand to uproot this evil once and for all. Any hypocrisy or duplicity in this regard can be nothing but suicidal, as has been clear in the case of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Peace will have to be preserved in the world to save humanity from being roasted in the cauldron of extremism.

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