8.Letter Example Regarding : Replacement of amaged tape-recorders

By | December 10, 2019

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You got a consignment of tape-recorders. Eight of them were found damaged. Write to the suppliers for replacement.

Ajay Electronics

5 Oxford Street—Dream City

13 April 200—.

M/s Ram Nath & Sons

 Daryaganj—New Delhi

Sub — Replacement of damaged tape-recorders

Dear Sir

 The forty Philips tape-recorders that we had ordered for on 5th March were delivered yesterday, but I regret to inform you that eight of them have been found badly damaged. The carton contain ing the recorders appeared to be in perfect condition. Therefore, I accepted the delivery and signed for it. I unpacked the recorders myself with great care. I can only say that the damage must have been caused due to careless handling prior to packing. It is requested that all the eight damaged tape-recorders should be replaced.

 Yours faithfully

Sri Ram


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