125. Short Essay and Article on: Women in Advertisements

There is a tendency to exploit the female form as an adjunct to all kinds of advertisements. Does it serve any purpose? No doubt a female body makes the advertisement attractive but it can divert our attention from the real purpose of the advertisement. Write an article about the use of female form in advertisements.

Ans.                                                              WOMEN IN ADVERTISEMENTS

The basic aim of every advertisement is to catch the eye of the buyers. It can be done by a humorous cartoon, photograph, a persuasive slogan or quotation or a combination of all these ingredients. But most advertisers make use of the female form. No doubt a female body does make an advertisement eye-catching and attractive but in most of the cases, viewers pay scant attention to the real advertisement. Absorbed in seeing the leggy beauties, scantily dressed girls many forget to read the advertisement. It is a misconception that the female form can sell anything. The smooth and velvety skin may be good for advertising a hair removing cream but she is utterly out of place in an advertisement selling a spark plug or emulsion paint. Virtues of the goods get clouded by the prance of a beautiful figure. So, illogical, irrational and out of place use of female form as an adjunct to all advertisements is certainly counter-productive.

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