12.Speech Writing : Health and Personal Hygiene

By | July 9, 2021

 You are a doctor who has been invited to a school to address the students on health and personal hygiene. Write the speech in 120-150 words.


Ans.                                                              Health and Personal Hygiene

 A warm good morning to all of you

Today, I have received an opportunity to deliver a speech on health and hygiene. As we all know. Health is the ultimate wealth. Hygiene is commonly understood as preventing infection through cleanliness. It also refers to certain practices that are adopted by the community or an individual to stay healthy. Maintaining good personal health is the prime concern. Personal health refers to keeping oneself clean and healthy. However, it must be noted that personal health and community health are inter-related. The health of the community depends on the health and personal hygiene of its individuals, lithe individuals of the community stay clean and create a lively. Healthy and hygienic environment, then the community, on the whole, would be healthy. Good public hygiene is an aid to health, beauty, comfort, and social interactions.

 I thank you all for your kind attention.

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