12. English Informal Letter Example on : Letter to Friend Congratulating Him on His Success

By | March 26, 2020

Informal Letter writing in English is really very important to learn English. Don’t think how to write an informal letter writing format. We   are providing informal letter writing topics for class 8 andsome informal letters sample. These informal letter examples will help you a lot to write informal letter to a friend and some others. So let’s dive in-

Your friend Parikh has passed the Secondary Examination with a high percentage of marks. Write a letter to him congratulating him on his success. Also, ask him about his future plans. You are Ankur, staying at B-1/15 Janakpuri, New Delhi.

Ans:B-I/I5 Janakpuri,

 New Delhi

11 June 2000

Dearest Parikh,

 I received your letter yesterday in which you have given the wonderfully good news of passing your Secondary Examination with 90% marks.

It is indeed a brilliant and exemplary performance. My family joins me in conveying to you our heartiest congratulations. You had indeed put in a lot of hard work and thoroughly deserve the distinction you have got. Your hard efforts and sincere labour have been rewarded and you have also done your school and parents proud. Do write to me and tell me about your future plans. I am sure that your sincere and hard-working attitude will enable you to be successful in whatever you opt for, in the future. This excellent result in the Secondary Examination will further serve as an incentive for you to do better.

Congratulations to you and your parents on our behalf once again. Do write back soon.

Yours lovingly


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