12.English Essay Example on : A Walk in the Moonlit Night

By | July 25, 2018

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                                                                        A Walk in the Moonlit Night

 Most often we hear the appreciation of a walk in the morning, but the real significance and value of a walk in the moonlit night are not commonly realized.
I, however, am in the habit of having a stroll after dinner. Sometimes, it is a dark night and sometimes a moonlit night. But I never miss this brief stroll in the park outside my house. The charm of this stroll is enhanced if it is a moonlit night.
Last night was a full moon night. After taking dinner, I went out of my house. The cool silvery moon light simply fascinated me. The glorious moon was shining in the sky and accompanied by the twinkling stars that looked like little fairies it seemed to be a good companion, perhaps more lovable and reliable than a human companion.
My own shadow in the moon light seemed to me just my own self or soul walking along with me. The shadows of trees on the roadside offered to me the hidden idea of giants about which I had read in old story books.
I went to the park. The water of the fountain in the park glistened all the more in the silvery moon light. The leaves on trees looked like shining gold coins silver. The human beings walking in streets and in the park all seemed to be strange creatures from some other world.
I sat down on a bench in the park for some time and meditated. It seemed to me that I was going to have some mystic experience. My mind was calm and all tension and worries had fled from my mind

After some time, I returned home. I was full of peace, love, joy and all that makes life worth living.

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