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By | July 15, 2019

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Environment and Ecology- A Systems Perspective

In the earlier sections, it has been explained that there are many components of the concept and their concerns have always been there ever since the pre-historic time. The fact is that the environment and ecology do not stand in isolation. Man. Society and culture are affected and in turn, affect these concerns. These could be viewed as the systems analysis. A systems thinking suggest that all subsystems of the main system interact with each other and if one subsystem doesn’t make the impact it affects the total system. The systems analysis could further be studied as a closed system analysis and an open system analysis. Fig below presents a closed system analysis.

Similarly, there are ongoing impacts of the environment on the quality of life of people, when time moves on. In fact, systems approach, views interactions and interdependence among subsystems are important as individual components. If one of the subsystems malfunctions, it affects the performance of the entire system. Boulding (1956) has pointed out different levels of systems ranging from static structures to cybernetic structures and human systems. He believes that human systems and social systems are the most complicated ones and we have yet to discover the rudiments of theoretical models for them. Keeping these analogies and components analysis in mind one could further analyse ecology and environment within a systems perspective.

Environment and Ecology: A multidisciplinary perspective

Taking these as components of environment and ecology this web-based course attempts to present a multidisciplinary system approach. The concepts are drawn from all subjects relevant to explain the environment scenario. Appropriate Technology, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Management, and Philosophy, Values and Ethics are some subjects from where concepts and concerns are drawn. The course also presents methodological approaches, training, ideologies, globalization, ecological behaviour and knowledge management relating them to environment and ecology.

The 21st century is a century of shorter distances, closer places but one that is plagued by

a   multitude of problems, man-made as well as natural disasters, catalyzed by man-made

actions. The growing populace with its increased technology use is one that is seemingly

empowered to control its actions and yet susceptible to the minutest happenings as were

it’s forefathers.

 Globalism – refers to an appreciation of the world as a single place or space. (Robertson

1992) and the ways in which people have internalized a basic view of the world as a

common domain in which activities or events (natural or man-made)in one part might

have profound effects in another, a distant one. It is an awareness of large scale knock-on


Today Ecology has moved from the realm of biology to become a stand-alone discipline that encompasses all facets of human activity be they economic social or developmental. The word comes from the Greek word for oikos, house and logi , -logy). Ecology and environment encompass a number of disciplines.

An overview of ecology suggests its multivariate nature. Some of the ecological systems are:

  • Community ecology
  • Ecosystem ecology
  • Biological ecology & diversity
  • Geographical ecology
  • Oceanographic & marine ecology
  • Ecosystems of the world
  • Evolutionary ecology
  • Political ecology

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