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11. Letter of Inquiry Regarding : Availability of the Complete Series of Book.


You are Shantanu of class X, secretary of Library club RPVV Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. The new book in the series of Harry Potter has come out. Write a letter to the Manager, Knowledge Book Store, green park, New Delhi, inquiring about the availability of the complete series of Harry Potter for your school library. Write the letter in not more than 100 words.


 Secretary of Library Club, RPVV Vasant Kunj

New Delhi.

March 05, 2020

The Manager

 Knowledge Book Store

 Green Park,

New Delhi



 Enquiry: Availability of Harry Potter, Children’s Series.

The new book in the series of Harry Potter has been launched last December. I want to inquire if the whole series of Harry Potter consisting of four books are available at your prestigious store.

We would like to purchase three sets of these books for our school library. Kindly reply at the above-mentioned address.

Please also send the latest catalogue mentioning new arrivals.

Yours sincerely

 Shantanu Sharma (Sign)


Secretary, Library Club.

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