107. Short Essay and Article on : Youth and National Integration

Write an article on the role of the youth in promoting national integration in the country.

Ans.                                                       Youth and National Integration

India is a great nation of sub-continental dimensions. It has many religious, linguistic, regional, racial and tribal groups. Amid this apparent diversity, we have an underlying unity. We must take pains to do a thing that helps in achieving National Integration. We must identify the factors that bind the people of the country. We should create an emotional bond between people from different regions and states. We should promote and share common ideas and values. We can promote the National Integration by giving a chance to the youth of different states to meet one another through national meets and other programmes. The holding of national camps organised by the NCC and NSS can go a long way to promote a sense of national unity and national integration among students. Festivals can cement both the intellectual and cultural bonds between the writers and readers of different regions and languages. The education system, in general, should be revised with the aim of fostering national integration. More facilities should be extended to distant regions and tribal groups. The youth of such regions must be brought in the mainstream of national life. National games, Inter-University games and Zonal and National Youth Festivals can instil a sense of belonging and unity among the youth of different regions and states.

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