107. English Essay Example on: My Favourite Leader

By | September 7, 2019

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My Favourite Leader

My favourite leader is Shri Vishwanath Pratap Singh. He is popularly known as V.P. Singh. At present, he is the Prime Minister of India. He is the leader of the ruling party. He is the unanimous choice of the House. He has come with a bang. He is a leader of the masses.

Shri V.P. Singh is the messiah of the poor. He is a true friend of the hungry and the needy. People look to him as the new hope of free India. He has shown us a new path in politics. The path is one of communal harmony and brotherhood. He is above caste, colour and creed. He is the torch-bearer of eighty crores of people. He wants to serve people with the best of his capacity.

Shri V.P. Singh is extremely upright and honest. He is a man of great integrity. Nothing can allure him. Nothing can tempt him. His position, pelf and power cannot intoxicate him. He is quite unassuming and simple. There goes the Singh on his bike in his simple waistcoat, shirt and trousers. He rides his cycle from village to village and from street to street of his constituency. His simplicity is the envy of world leaders.

 Shri Singh is not new to politics. Right from his college and university days, he was a student leader. Before coming to the Centre and holding the reins of Premiership, Shri Singh was a very successful Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, his home State. In his early age, he was adorned by the Raja of Manda. At a tender age of ten, his adopted father passed away, Young V.P. tossed this way and that way. But still, he did not leave his courage. He continued his education always standing first. He wanted to become a top-ranking scientist. But fate had ordained otherwise.

He has been our popular Defence and Finance Minister in the Centre. In the Ninth Lok Sabha, he has been elected. He has to go a long way off. His job is not that much simple. He will cleanse the dirty politics of the country. He will apply balm to all inflicted and unprivileged. May he live long!

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