105. English Essay Example on: My First Day at School

By | September 7, 2019

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My First Day at School

My first day at school was full of fear and hesitation. The people there were quite unknown to me. I was a stranger to them. They did not know anything about me. I had also a little acquaintance with them. So my fears were genuine.

I joined Jain Samnopasak Senior Secondary School, Sadar Bazar, Delhi. Area wise the school was quite small. It had a few rooms. The strength of the school was sizable. There were a few teachers and not many students. The atmosphere was healthy and exceptionally good for the pursuit of knowledge. So I got admission here.

 I asked someone about my classroom. I sought permission from the teacher who was teaching the class. I entered and occupied a back bench. I looked sideways. I found the boys staring at me. It was a period of General Science. The teacher began teaching us. After teaching for a while he started asking questions on the day’s lesson. He asked me a few questions. I answered all of them quite satisfactorily. I spoke with full confidence. The teacher was highly impressed. He asked my name and the School from where I was coming. I replied to his queries. I answered respectfully. The bell rang. The period was over. While leaving the class the teacher patted me on the back. I felt happy and proud. Next followed the third period. It was the period of English. The teacher came in. All of us stood up. The personality of the teacher was simply commanding. It was awe-inspiring. But when he spoke, my fears vanished. His voice was very musical. He had a mastery of the subject. He also asked questions at the end of the lesson. My turn came. I again spoke. My answers created a good impression.

Now students began coming to me. I also tried to befriend them. With this, mutual attraction and appreciation grew. By the end of the last Period, (had gained the good acquaintance of my class-fellows. I came as a stranger on my first day at school. But now I was going home with new hopes and aspirations.

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