101. Letter to the Editor- Regarding The Food Habits of Teenagers

By | July 26, 2023

Write a letter to the editor of The Times of India expressing your views on The food habits of teenagers. You are Gaurav/Meena of 110-E, Indirapuram, Bangalore.


110-E, Indirapuram


June 8, 20…


The Editor

The Hindustan Times

 New Delhi



Subject: The Food Habits of Teenagers

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities and common masses towards the food habits of teenagers of today.

It is a matter of concern that youngsters have developed bad food habits these days. Most of them do not like simple, home-made food which is hygienic and nutritious. They are fond of only spicy fast food which includes burgers, pizzas, noodles, samosas, so on and so forth. The problem with such food is that it is harmful to health. It is junk food, full of ample calories. The teenagers in our schools must be taught what to eat and what to avoid. It is the duty of both parents and teachers to tell them to eat lots of fruit, green vegetables, rice, etc. and take milk products liberally. They should also go in for regular exercise. Only then can they be physically healthy and mentally alert.

Yours faithfully


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