3. Letter of Placing Order for Ordering : Bakery Items

By | August 17, 2020
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In the present time letter for placing and letter for cancellation of orders are very common to write. Considering this we are providing a letter of placing an order for bakery Items and many more like this.

You are Kamal Verma of 77, Exchange Road, Kanpur. Write a letter to the Manager, Indian Bakery, ordering some items of your choice suitable for a picnic party of ten friends.


77, Exchange Road,


March 05, 2020


The Manager,

 Indian Bakery,



Subject: Order for bakery items.


I and some of my friends are having a picnic party next week. You are requested to supply us the following

items of the bakery by next Sunday :

1.Special pastries (with chocolate flavour) 20 pieces

2. Cream rolls 20 pieces

3. Coconut Cookies 5 packets

4. Wafers 5 packets

5. Patties 10 pieces

Thanking you,

 Yours sincerely,

Kamal Verma

Download the above Letter in PDF (Printable)