101. English Essay Example on: Freedom of the Press

By | September 7, 2019

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Freedom of the Press

 Freedom of the press is a must. It is guaranteed by the founding fathers f Indian constitution. While granting other freedoms, they insisted on freedom of expression in a free and democratic country like India. It is my fundamental right to enjoy the freedom of the press. If the newspapers of a free country cannot express themselves freely, the very existence of the countrymen is in peril.

During the struggle for freedom, our press was muzzled (gagged), our was snubbed (rebuffed), the man behind it was jailed. This sort of high-mindedness by the English was seriously viewed and totally resented. This and of the curb was cent-per-cent illegal. Writers like Tagore and Gandhi ‘thought against this injustice tooth and nail. They could not brook the idea ‘gagging this important and universal means of expression. It becomes the paramount duty of knowledgeable persons to fight for the freedom ‘press. Our writers and correspondents must enjoy the freedom of togging out the correct viewpoint before the public. They must have the usage to call a spade a spade. They must not hide (conceal) facts from e people. They must not keep them in the dark. Their job is very risky. They can resent high-ups in no time while publishing their black deeds is they must not fear or falter.

The editor of any paper is not an editor at all if he is not frank and fair in his assessment, in his editorial write-up. He must show impartiality o views and news. He must be true to his pen; He must be a man of conviction (state of being sure and definite). All great newspapers and their editors have gracefully stood the test of time. An elected Government must not stem or cruel on the inoffensive public for the truthful criticism of its policies and programmes. Only then the genuine freedom of the press exists.

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