10. Reading Skills Comprehension: Industry

By | June 17, 2019

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(Hotel Management, 1996)

The strength of the electronics industry in Japan is the Japanese ability to organize production and marketing rather than their achievements in original research. The British are generally recognized as a far more inventive collection of individuals, but never seem able to exploit what they invent. There are many examples, from the TSR Z hovercraft, high-speed train and Sinclair scooter to the Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycle which all prove this sad rule. The Japanese were able to exploit their strengths in marketing and development many years ago, and their success was at first either not understood in the West or was dismissed as something which could have been produced only at their low price. They were sold because they were cheap copies of other peoples’ ideas churned out of a workhouse which was dedicated to hard grind above all else.

1. The main theme of this passage is

(a) the electronics industry in Japan

 (b) industrial comparison between Japan and Britain

(c) the importance of original research in industry

(d) the role of marketing efficiency in industrial prosperity

2. The TSR Z hovercraft, high-speed train, Sinclair Scooter, etc are the symbols of

 (a) Japanese failure

(b) Japanese success

 (c) British failure

(d) British success

3. The sad rule mentioned in this passage refers to

 (a) the lack of variety in Japanese inventions

(b) the inability of the Japanese inventive like the British

 (c) the poorer marketing ability of the British

(d) the inability of the British to be industrious like the Japanese

4. According to the passage, prosperity in industry depends upon

(a) marketing ability

(b) productivity

 (c) official patronage

(d) inventiveness

5.  It is evident from this tpadusssatry passage that depends strength of a country’s industry upon

 (a) electronic development

(b) dedicated workforce

(c) original research

(d) international cooperation


1. (d)

2. (c)

3. (c)

4. (a)

5. (b)

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