10. Application to the School Principal for : Lack of Clean Toilets

By | March 28, 2020

Writing an application to the principal is an official and formal document. Sometimes it is leave application for a school teacher to principal and sometimes it is fever application. We are telling you to write an application in English. Find the format and samples of Applications to the principal on various topics to learn.

There is a lack of clean toilets in your brother’s school. Write a letter to the Principal, Evergreen Senior Secondary School, Daryaganj, New Delhi complaining about this most essential problem. You are Karan/Divya living at F-311, Ekta Colony, Delhi.                                                                                     


F – 311, Ekta Colony


The Pr incipal

 Evergreen Senior Secondary School


New Delhi

7 July 2005


Sub: Clean Toilets

My brother Rahul studies in your school in class III A. He has been complaining that toilets in the school building are not clean and unhygienic. The sweepers do not clean them regularly. It is really very difficult for children to use the toilets.

It is, therefore, requested that action may be taken to get the toilets cleaned so that students do not have to suffer. You are requested to kindly do the needful.

Yours sincerely


 (Brother of Rahul)

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