1.Reply to Invitation – Refusal

By | February 5, 2019

This page provides you with the Declining Invitation, reply to invitation acceptance, reply email, reply for the invitation, reply message, Reply all. Kindly go through-

You are Apoorva Jain and you have received an invitation from St. Marks School, Janakpuri, to play a friendly exhibition match at their playground. Respond to this invitation negatively.

Ans. St. Marks School


New Delhi

20 January 20XX

Dear Sir/Madam

 I am really grateful to you for inviting me to play a friendly exhibition match at your playground. I am sorry to say that I will not be able to come as I have some family commitment on that day. I extend my heartiest wishes for the match and I hope you all will enjoy.

Thank you

Apoorva Jain

2. You are Salma Sultan staying at 25, Gulmarg Bagh, Sri Nagar. Your friend Farida has invited you for New Year celebrations at her residence. Your parents are not in favour of your staying away the late night. Write an informal refusal to the above invitation in about 50 words.

 Ans. 25, Gulmarg Bagh

Sri Nagar

20 December, 20XX

 My Dear Farida

I am really thankful that you have invited me for New Year celebrations at your residence. I convey my apologies to you as I won’t be able to come. My parents are not in favour of my staying away late at night. I convey my best wishes to the party. Enjoy and have a good time with other friends.

Sorry again.



3. Your friend, Manish Tripathi, has invited you to attend his wedding anniversary. You can’t attend it as you have a family get-together on the same day. Write a polite letter, in not more than 50 words, expressing your inability to attend the function and wish him all the happiness on this joyous occasion. You are Mita/Mahendra Juneja of 25, Vasundra Colony, Patna.                    

Ans. 25, Vasundhara Colony


21 January 20XX

Dear Manish

 I am pleasantly surprised to receive your invitation to your wedding anniversary.

I would have loved to join you on this auspicious occasion but on the same day, I have a family get-together. Thus, it would be not possible for me to join.

Please accept my best wishes to you and your wife on this joyous occasion. May you have a blessed married life?



4. As the Principal of a reputable college, you have been invited to inaugurate a book exhibition in your neighbourhood. Draft a reply to the invitation in not more than 50 words, expressing your inability to attend the function. You are Tarun/Tanvi.

 Ans. Dyal Singh College

 Lodhi Road

 New Delhi 11004

23 January 20XX

Respected Sir/Madam

 I convey my thanks for your kind invitation to the book exhibition ceremony. I apologize for my inability to attend it as I will be out of the station at that time. I convey my heartiest wishes and good luck for the success of the book exhibition.

Yours truly




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