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The following page is dedicated to the executive Summary Notes and Extra Questions of the Invisible Man.  The summary is designed like analysis of all chapters the invisible man. These notes of the novel the Invisible Man, and important as well as hard question answers, book summary, extra questions, explanation, long question answers, as a science fiction,  will surely help you to gain confidence. The Invisible Man by H G wells pdf downloadable file is also available. Kindly dive in for Chapter of The Invisible Man by the author H G Wells


The Strange Man’s Arrival– This chapter opens with the arrival of the strange man at Bramblehurst Railway Station in a snowstorm. It was February. He is totally covered, with only his shiny nose showing. It is ironical as the title of the novel is ‘The Invisible Man’ and the stranger who the reader rightly perceives as the invisible man is conspicuous by his bandages. He enters the Coach and Homes Inn and demands a room and a fire. Mrs Hall, the landlady, is pleased to have a winter guest and makes sure he gets everything he needs. She tries talking to him but he is not forthcoming. She made him some supper and went to his room. Though the fire was on, the man still persisted in keeping himself covered. Mrs Hall offered to take the coat and hat but he refused. Later, when she went to serve him lunch, she saw that he had his overcoat and hat removed. The stranger’s forehead above his blue glasses was covered by a white bandage, and that another covered his ears. His hair escaping through the bandages looked like tails and horns, giving him the most unimaginable appearance. Mrs Hall assumed that the visitor had an accident. When she went to clear his lunch, the stranger asked if his luggage could be bought from the station that very day. Mrs Hall started a conversation, but the stranger abruptly told her to bring some matches. She found his behaviour quite rude, but as she was getting sovereigns in the offseason, she went to get the matches for him.

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