1.Describing an Event : An Angry Mob

By | May 23, 2023
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1. Describe an angry mob that you saw recently.

An Angry Mob

It is not a rare scene to see an angry mob. Last week I saw an angry mob in my city. The sparking took place in a street where somebody used an abusive language against a religious leader. The news spread like jungle fire. It took only half an hour for a mob to reach the house of the person who used an abusive language.

The people who were usually in their teens or early twenties gathered before the house of that man. They raised slogans threatening the person concerned. The mob gathered heat when someone threw a stone at the windowpane of the house. Then the shower of stones and shoes started. The crowd broke whatsoever thing they saw. They broke open the main gate. The consequences seemed to be very serious but suddenly the police arrived and it took half an hour to pacify the mob. It was really a horrible sight.

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