1.Describing Object:  A Wrist Watch

By | August 7, 2020

Describing an object is not a difficult task as most of the objects given in class 9 writing section for describing are familiar to all. So object description can be easily generated. We are giving describing things examples. So you need to remember the proper use and manual of them. Describe using grammatically correct sentence

This page contains the examples of description of an object

1. Write a description of a Wrist Watch in about 100 words.

Answer                                                                   A Wrist Watch

A wristwatch is worn around the wrist, most of the left hand. It is a time measuring machine. A wristwatch is easily available in different shapes and sizes. Some like around while others prefer flat wristwatches. Like all watches, a wristwatch to has a dial with numerals or dots. There are twelve numbers from 1 to 12 each representing a pour time. The small marks between the numbers denote minutes. A wristwatch has two hands. The bigger one denotes minutes while the shorter denotes hours. Some of the watches have a third hand too. It is a long thin hand indicating seconds a watch may be wound or the automatic one. These days technology has revolutionized the Very concept of a wristwatch. They have days and dates indicating systems. The day is not far when we shall have a little TV fitted into a wristwatch. One may have a choice of leather or metal or even of gold or silver while choosing a strap for the wrist-watch. Wristwatches have become an integral part of human beings, due to their utilities.

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