CBSE Class 8 Email Writing Examples & Topics No. – 1

By | March 27, 2020

Professional and convincing E- Mail writing is an art. In order to help you with that we are providing examples of email writing in English. We are providing sample email writing. Read these email writing topics and take email writing test to learn to compose professional emails.

You have been gifted a new cell phone which is powered by solar energy. Write an e-mail to your friend describing the phone and all its exciting features.



To: [email protected]

 Date: 7th March, 2014

Subject: Cell Phone Powered by Solar Energy

Hey Varun

I know we meet every day in gym but I couldn’t wait till then to tell you this. I bought a solar powered cell phone today. Air bell has launched this product very recently to promote usage of renewable sources of energy. Its widespread popularity lured me into buying this product. Its very easy to recharge this cell as our tropical country experiences bright sunlight almost 10 months in a year (although I was upset when it rained the whole day yesterday and the sun was unable to peep in through the clouds.). It is very handy. Efficient and appealing to the mass as it uses sun as a charger. So, poor people who don’t have access to electricity find it very economical. It also reduces risks of the danger which radiation poses to our sensory organs.

Let’s meet up soon today so that I tell you more about its features.

Take care


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