1.Class 11 & 12 Best Debate Writing Topic : Rising Prices

By | December 10, 2019

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So let’s dive in-

1.”Rising price can be controlled only by the Government”. Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.                                                                                                                       



 Good morning honourable judges, ladies and gentlemen. The topic before the house is “Rising price can be controlled only by the government”.

 The Central government under attack from the opposition and the common people at large has failed to bring about `ache din’ as promised by it earlier. While the blame game continues, the fact that ‘rising prices can only be controlled by government’ is well established and thus I speak for the motion.

Money is the lifeblood of commerce. For the market to operate, we need to ensure a stable, non-inflationary currency. Inflation, a monetary phenomenon, is an increase in money and credit. The government creates new money in order to cover what it spends in excess of its income. The existence of an unbalanced budget is a frequent reason for this and the government is solely responsible for this. The basic cause of rising prices is the government’s unwill ingness to cut its spending or to raise the funds it desires by increasing taxation or by borrowing from the public.

 The people who suffer the most is the ‘aam admi’ or the common man. Inflation is a type of tax that falls on citizens in the form of highest prices for what he purchases.

We clearly win the debate here, because we totally reject the theory that growth is required at any cost. The failure of the government pushes the poor into severe poverty. The poorest of the poor do not know the high GDP of 8-9% but they do know the prices of onions and potatoes and the government makes deliberate attempts to increase it.

Thus we have established that it is only in the hands of the government to control the rising prices.

Thank you


Good morning honourable judges, ladies and gentlemen. The topic before the house is “Rising price can be controlled only by the government”. I am going to speak against the motion. The tragedy of our times is that we have an opposition which seems to be having a myopic view on all issues and thus wants to blame the government for everything. Even an attempt to say that “Rising prices can only be controlled by the government,” is a reflection of lack of information and understanding of market economics.

It is not in the government’s hands to control the prices of goods. One of the major factors for increasing prices is the rapid growth of population coupled with an increase in income of a sizeable part of the population. It has led to an increase in demand for goods and services. This process, unaccompanied by a corresponding increase in consumer goods, raises the price level. Deficit spending increases the money supply in the hands of people and if not accompanied by an increase in the supply of consumer goods, results in raising the price levels. Industrial production has also not been adequate, particularly in respect of certain essential industrial products and thus results in rising prices. The ongoing crises in the Middle East have resulted in the increase in the price of oil in the International market. It is not in the hands of the government to control the situation.

 Thank you!

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