Rearranging Jumbled Words Exercises 11 and 12

By | November 20, 2017

Following are Grammar Exercises of the jumbled sentences  with solution which are also known  by many names as scrambled sentences, jumbled words exercise, rearrange sentences, rearranging jumbled words, word order exercises, make a sentence with these words, put the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences, sentence reordering, jumble word solver, sentence order exercises, arrange this scrambled word, jumbled paragraphs exercises, sentence formation exercises, jumbled sentences quiz, grammar rearrange the sentence.  Download the following in pdf and enjoy a sincere study.


 (a) society / is / discipline / of / foundation / the very

(b) great importance / one of the / essentials of life / it is / in all spheres / and is of / of life

(c) it life / become / without / miserable / at home / will

(d) obey / a soldier / or / the orders / a child, / a student / must

(e) for / is / our / progress / it / a must / country’s

Answer(a) Discipline is the very foundation of society.

(b) It is one of the essentials of life and is of great importance in all spheres of life.

(c) Without it life at home will become miserable.

(d) A child, a student or a soldier must obey the orders.

(e) It is a must for our country’s progress.

Download the above Rearranging Exercises in PDF (Printable)



Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences to ma readable passage. Write the correct sentences in the spate provided.

(a) really / games and sports / true education / are / for / essential

(b) fit and / the body / games / look active / and / develop / keep it / make a person

(c) evening / dullness / all / an hour’s / removes / play / in the

(d) in players / develop / and / games / co-operation / a team-spirit


(a) Games and sports are really essential for true education.

(b) Games develop the body, keep it fit and make a person look active.

(c) An hour’s play in the evening removes all dullness.

(d) Games develop a team-spirit and co-operation in players.

Download the above Rearranging Exercises in PDF (Printable)

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