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 You are Purnima/Pawan, living at 3244, Sarita Colony, Mumbai-32. Your friend Sunitha/Sanjeev has gone to Chennai due to the transfer of her/his father. Recollecting the sweet memories of old times, write a letter in about 100 words inviting her /him to stay with you during the vacation. Also mention the programme you have planned according to her/his liking.


3244-Sarita Colony

Mumbai 32

 18th Dec., 2014

Dear Sanjeev,

Just a quick letter to know how you are getting on in your new set-up. You left for Chennai only a month ago but I feel ages since we met. I miss you a lot especially during the study hours when we used to sit together and discuss our doubts. Memories are still fresh-going for a walk in the morning, playing chess on Sundays. I really miss all those sweet moments with you. Why don’t you drop in here during your vacations? We shall visit all the places where we used to have lots of fun. We shall meet our old friends and plan for a picnic. I am sure you will visit my place and won’t appoint me. Do write to me when you are coming. I shall pick you up at the railway station. Convey my loving .regards to your dad and morn.

With Best Wishes,


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