Gap Filling Exercises for class 9 & 10 (Solved)Exercise-39&40

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Cloze Test Printable Exercises with Answers

Following are the exercises of open cloze passage and gap filling.  These grammar exercises for class 9 and 10 are based on English modals exercises, verbs exercises, grammar tense exercises, modal auxiliary, simple past and other tense exercises. These gap fillers for beginners and cloze test will help you in first certificate in English (FCE). The following esl form filling exercises are specially designed for class IX and X. A printable version in PDF form is also available at the bottom of each exercise.


 Edit the following paragraph by choosing the most appropriate option from the given ones.

For the past one year, 15 years old Smita (2.1) had plagued with short, sudden attacks (2.2) at shallow and fast breathing. She shivers and clenches her Jaw and feels hungry and tired (2.3) while she returns to normal. The doctors say that this kind of disorder results (2.4) for psychological conflicts or distress.

2.1       (a) had been    (b) has been     (c) is being       (d) was

2.2       (a) for              (b) from           (c) with            (d) of

2.3       (a) as                b) soon after    (c) when          (d) so

2.4       (a) of               (b) from           (c) by               (d) in

Answers- 2.1  (b) has been      2.2 (d) of         2.3.(c) when    2.4 (b) from

Download the above gap filling Exercise in PDF (Printable)


Complete the following passage by choosing the most appropriate option from the ones given below. Write your answers in the space given.

Many people make use of their free time to help others. They are called Volunteers. Maggie goes to a zoo (1.1)……………..   Saturday where she is a Volunteer. She has to get up very early and drive to the zoo. During the winter it is still dark and cold when she arrives (1.2)………………   her destination. Her favourite animals are the pandas (1.3) …………………  were gifts from the Chinese government. She is always delighted (1 .4.) …………………… she offers help to their keeper.

1.1       (a) one             (b) last            ( c) every         (d) either

1.2       (a) at                (b)in                 ( c) to               (d)for

1.3       (a) they            (b) what           ( c) those         (d) which

1.4       (a) when          (b)unless          ( c) so that       (d) and then

Answers-  1.1  (c) every 1.2 (a) at 1.3 (d) which 1.4 (a) when

Download the above gap filling Exercise in PDF (Printable)




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