Active and Passive Voice Rules and Exercises (Past Perfect Tense)

By | March 15, 2019

If you are searching what is passive voice, active voice and passive voice examples, action verbs, active and passive voice rules you are at the right place. Here we have passive form, passive voice exercises and examples, passive sentences, active and passive voice exercises, active vs passive voice, passive to active. Let’s dive in for an insight-


Rule: Had + been + form of the verb.

Convert the Following Sentences into Passive Voice:-

1.Ram had written a letter.                                                

2. She had lost her bag.                                                     

3. She had posted the letter.                                             

4. He had not spoken the truth.                                        

5. Ram Lal had helped me.                                               

6. Rohan had never seen a lion.                                        

7. Neeraj had done his work.                                           

8. Sita had made a frock.                                                   


1. A letter had been written by Ram.

2. Her bag had been lost by her.

3. The letter had been posted by her.

4. The truth had not been spoken by him.

5.  I had been helped by Ram Lal.

6. A lion had never been seen by Rohan.

7. His work had been done by Neeraj.

8. A frock had been made by Sita.


Note: The sentences of this tense cannot be changed into Passive Voice.

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