Active and Passive Voice Rules and Exercises (Future Indefinite Tense)

By | March 15, 2019

If you are searching what is passive voice, active voice and passive voice examples, action verbs, active and passive voice rules you are at the right place. Here we have passive form, passive voice exercises and examples, passive sentences, active and passive voice exercises, active vs passive voice, passive to active. Let’s dive in for an insight-


Rule: will/shall + be + III form of the verb.

Convert the Following Sentences into Passive Voice:-

1. Badal will write a letter.                                             

2. Manu will drink coffee.                                            

3. Santosh will write a poem.                                     

4. Madhuri will help me.                                             

5. I shall write a book.                                                 

6. You will pass the test.                                             

7. Seema will paint a picture.                                  

8. Kiran will sing a sweet song.                              


1.A letter will be written by Badal.

2. Coffee will be drunk by Manu.

3.  A poem will be written by Santosh.

4. I will be helped by Madhuri.

5.A book will be written by me.

6.The test will be passed by you.

7. A picture will be painted by Seema.

8.A sweet song will be sung by Kiran.


Note: The sentences of this tense cannot be changed into Passive Voice.

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