BCCI Full-Form | What is the Full Form of BCCI

By | July 20, 2023
BCCI Full-Form What is the Full Form of BCCI

Edumantra has the best explained BCCI Full Form . Take advantage of freely available bcci full form in english at our website. Remain full of knowledge of what is the Full Form of BCCI. We would like to tell that the full form of BCCI is. Board of Control for Cricket in India. 


The (abbreviation) full form of BCCI is Board of Control for Cricket in India

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)

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Additional Information About BCCI

BCCI is a national authorized sector of India which acts as a controlling body of All India cricket league. BCCI has its headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was formed in the month of December, in the year 1928 and replaced Calcutta Cricket Club.

BCCI is a member of ICC (Indian Cricket Council) and has the authority to select players for the national team. It can also select umpires and other officials to participate in international tournaments and takes charge of total control over them. It should provide recognition to the players to make them eligible to participate in the national and international leagues.

BCCI is the richest sports body in India and also the third richest cricket board in the world.

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Functions of BCCI –

  • Advance and control the game of cricket throughout India
  • Arrange and control inter-territorial, foreign and other cricket matches.
  • Make arrangements incidental to visits of teams to India, and to manage and control All-India representatives playing within and outside India.
  • If necessary, to control and arrange all or any inter-territorial disputes.
  • To settle disputes or differences between Associations affiliated to the Board and appeals referred to it by any such Associations.
  • To adopt if desirable, all rules or amendments passed by the Marylebone Cricket Club

BCCI Committees –

  • Working CommitteeThis committee is responsible for the proper working of the committee. It incorporates a team involved in decision making and making proposals.
  • Senior Tournament CommitteeThis committee is responsible for conducting various meetings related to the organization of test tournaments and so on.
  • Technical CommitteeThis committee involves the issues related to technical staff, who are a body of people resolving technical issues.
  • Finance Committee This committee involves in the financial matters, and takes decisions regarding the budget planning and related issues.
  • Legal Committee This committee takes care of matters related to the legal concern.
  • Media CommitteeThis committee is in public interest. It helps in telecasting and broadcasting the events which have taken place recently such as cricket tournaments, decisions made by the various committees and so on.

Anti-Corruption –

The BCCI has adopted this Anti-Corruption Code in recognition of the following fundamental sporting imperatives:

  • All cricket matches are to be contested on a level playing field, with the outcome to be determined solely by the respective merits of the competing teams and to remain uncertain until the cricket match is completed. This is the essential characteristic that gives the sport its unique appeal.