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You can try the full form of XUV and gain confidence at least in XUV meaning. Edumantra takes good care of you so buying books  for competitive exams is not necessary.  Additionally we would like to tell that the full form of XUV is Extreme Ultraviolet.

XUV — Extreme Ultraviolet

XUV Full-Form refers to Extreme Ultraviolet. XUV is electromagnetic radiation having a wavelength between ten nanometers to one hundred and twenty-four nanometers. This radiation has photons that have energies between ten electron volts to one hundred and twenty-four electron volts. It is also referred to as the EUV or high Energy Ultraviolet radiation.

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The natural source of XUV is the corona of the sun, and its artificial sources are the synchrotron light and plasma sources. The XUV radiation is mainly used for lithography, solar imaging, and photoelectron spectroscopy.

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XUV  Full-Form | What is Extreme Ultraviolet (XUV)

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In the electromagnetic spectrum, XUV is among the highly absorbed components in the air. It needs high vacuole to get transmitted. Condensed matter or neutral atom does not have the ability to emit the XUV radiation. It requires the ionization process. Electrons that are bound with the multi-charged positive ions alone are the only ones that can emit this radiation. For example, the removal of an electron from a carbon ion (+3 charged) needs around sixty-five electron volts. Only dense and hot plasma can contain multi-charged positive ions.

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Another temporary and instantaneous source for generating ions and free electrons is an intense electric field that is produced by a laser beam of high harmonic generation. Protons of higher energy are released at diminished intensities when the speed of the electrons increases while returning to the parent ion. These energy photons may come in the range of XUV radiation.

In case the released photons consist of ionizing radiation, the ionization of the atoms pertaining to the harmonic-generating medium will take place, thereby decreasing the high-harmonic generation sources. Since the intensity of the XUV light’s electric field is not high, the freed electrons may escape. Therefore, the XUV generation process and the absorption processes always compete with one another. XUV radiation can also be generated by using free electrons that orbit a synchrotron.

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