LED Full Form In English | Meaning of LED

By | September 9, 2023
LED Full Form In English Meaning of LED

 You can try the full form of LED and gain confidence at least in LED meaning. Edumantra takes good care of you so buying books  for competitive exams is not necessary.  Additionally we would like to tell that the full form of LED is Light Emitting Diode.

LED — Light Emitting Diode

LED Full-Form refers to Light Emitting Diode. LED is a semiconductor used as a light source. The brightness of the light emitted from a LED is not much, but the majority of them emit monochromatic light that occurs at one wavelength. The area of a LED is usually quite small (not more than one square millimeter). It uses optical components for shaping its pattern of radiation. In the year 1962, the light-emitting diodes appeared as the practical components of electricity. Their early versions used to emit infrared light of low intensity.

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Currently, the infrared LEDs are still used for the transmission of elements in circuits that are present in the remote-controls of a large number of consumer electronics. The first LEDs that are used for emitting visible light were of low intensity, and the colour of the light emitted by them was limited to red. The ones used in the modern days can be found across infrared, ultraviolet and visible wavelengths. Their brightness is also extremely high.

The light-emitting diodes in earlier times were frequently used in the indicator lamps of various electronic devices. They replaced the incandescent bulbs that were used before the LEDs were introduced. These were soon utilized as readouts in seven-segment displays and were usually used in digital clocks. Many developments have been made recently which enables the LEDs to be utilized in the task and environmental lighting.

There are many benefits of using these diodes instead of incandescent sources of light. Some of the benefits include smaller size, long-lasting, faster switching, improvement in physical robustness and lower consumption of energy.

Presently, they are being utilized in applications like camera flashes, general lighting, automotive headlamps, lighted wallpaper, traffic signals, advertising, and aviation lighting.

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However, the LEDs used for lighting an entire room are somewhat costly and need more precise heat and current management as compared to the fluorescent lamps. In spite of all these factors, the LEDs are highly energy-efficient and have lesser environmental concerns linked with them.

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