Full-Form of GIS | GIS Definition

By | September 9, 2023
Full-Form of GIS GIS Definition

You can try the full form of GIS and gain confidence at least in the meaning of GIS. Edumantra takes good care of you so buying books  for competitive exams is not necessary.  Additionally we would like to tell that the full form of GIS is Geographical Information System.


The abbreviation or full form of GIS is the Geographic Information System

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Additional information about GIS

GIS Full-Form | What is Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS is a computerized technology that is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present all types of spatial or geographical data. GIS is also sometimes referred to as Geographical Information Science or Geospatial Information Studies which refer to the academic discipline or career of working with geographic information systems.

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GIS applications are tools that allow users to create interactive queries, analyze spatial information, edit data in maps and the present result of all these operations.

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Where is GIS used?

  • Emergency services – Fire & Police
  • Environmental – Monitoring & Modeling
  • Business – Site Location, Delivery Systems
  • Industry – Transportation, Communication, Mining, Pipelines, Healthcare
  • Government – Local, State, Federal, Military
  • Education – Research, Teaching Tools

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